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Details AKG-AKGC391B-Kondensatormikrofon

Vielseitig einsetzbares Kondensatormikrofon mit Nierencharakteristik, bestehend aus dem Speisemodul und Ausgangsmodul SE 300 B und der Nierenkapsel CK 91.Schaumstoff-Windschutz und Stativanschlussteil gehören zum Lieferumfang. - Kleinmembran ...

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Details The-Home-Plot-Women-Writing-Domestic-Ritual-Women-Writing-and-Domestic-Ritual

The Home Plot In this finely crafted study, Ann Romines builds on twenty years of feminist scholarship to show how domestic ritual--the practice and tradition of housekeeping has helped shape the substance and tone of some of the best fiction by ...

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Details New-Domestic-Interiors-Architectural-Design-Links

New Domestic Interiors by Carles Broto, 9788496969957, Links

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Details UK-ImportDomestic-Goddess-Mug

Domestic disguise boxed mug

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Details RayLineDo-32Pcs-Domestic-Nhmaschinennhfu-Kit-Feet-Set-fr-Janome-Bruder-Singer-Domestic-Teil

Dies ist ein Satz von 32pcs Nähfußes Satz zum Nähen Quilten Crafting, die alle Arten von Zubehör, das für alle Arten von Näh-Anforderung enthält. Fit meisten Haushalts multifunktionale Nähmaschinen mit niedrigem Schaft. Features: 32 Stücke des Nähens ...

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Details Domestic-goddess-in-disguise-Khlschrankmagnet

Domestic Goddess in Disguise Fridge Magnet 9 x 6.5 cm cheeky retro magnet

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Details Foreign-Aid-Diplomacy-Development-Domestic-Politics-Diplomacy-Development-Domestic-Policies

A twentieth-century innovation, foreign aid has become a familiar and even expected element in international relations. But scholars and government officials continue to debate why countries provide it: some claim that it is primarily a tool of ...

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Details The-Domestic-Manual-Or-Family-Directory-Containing-Receipts-in-Arts-Trades-and-Domestic-Economy-Selected-From-the-Best-Authors-and-Practical-Never-Before-Published-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from The Domestic Manual: Or Family Directory, Containing Receipts in Arts, Trades and Domestic Economy; Selected From the Best Authors, and Practical Artists; And Containing Many Processes Never Before PublishedCombine a proper preportion of ...

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Details Domestic-Violence-and-Children

What can schools and social care workers do to help children affected by domestic violence? Large numbers of children are affected by domestic violence. The problem crosses every social class and culture. It causes distress and anxiety in children and ...

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Details The-Household-Companion-A-Complete-Cook-Book-Practical-Household-Recipes-Aids-Hints-for-Household-Decorations-The-Care-of-Domestic-Plants-and-on-Domestic-Medicine-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from The Household Companion: A Complete Cook Book Practical Household Recipes, Aids Hints for Household Decorations; The Care of Domestic Plants and Animals and a Treatise on Domestic MedicineFacts, we are often told, are stubborn things ...

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Details Master-Box-MB3566-Domestic-Animals-Figuren

Master Box Ltd. MB3566 - Domestic animals 1:35 Marke: Master Box Ltd. - ArtNr.: MB3566 - EAN:4820113080333

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Details magFlags-Flagge-Large-ROCN-Honor-Guard-Flag-Domestic-Querformat-Fahne-135m-100x130cm-Fahne-100-Made-in-Germany

Flagge: ROCN Honor Guard Flag domestic Querformat Fahne | 1.35m² | 100x130cm ROCN Honor Guard Flag domestic Da wir wissen, wie wichtig Ihre Außendarstellung ist, drucken wir unsere ROCN Honor Guard Flag domestic Flaggen für Ihren repräsentativen ...

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Details Dirty-Work-Immigrants-in-Domestic-Service-Agriculture-and-Prostitution-in-Sicily-Immigrant-Workers-in-Domestic-Service-Prostitution-and-Agriculture-in-Sicily

Dirty Work explores the lives and work of recent immigrants from Africa, Asia, and elsewhere to the southern Italian region of Sicily. Using extensive research, Cole and Booth focus on the experiences of foreigners employed in domestic service ...

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Details Surviving-Domestic-Violence-Gender-Poverty-and-Agency

[{ Surviving Domestic Violence: Gender, Poverty and Agency (New) By Wilcox, Paula ( Author ) Sep - 01- 2006 ( Hardcover ) } ]

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Details Domestic-Wandtattoo-mit-Uhr

Mit der Vorstellung der Wandsticker-Kollektion in 2003 hat Domestic einen neuen Trend geschaffen, der den Bereich der dekorativen Wand- und Wohnraumgestaltung geradezu revolutioniert hat. Mithilfe der von renommierten Designern gestalteten Motive kann ...

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Details Domestic-Wandtattoo-Graphic-Plant

Mit der Vorstellung der Wandsticker-Kollektion in 2003 hat Domestic einen neuen Trend geschaffen, der den Bereich der dekorativen Wand- und Wohnraumgestaltung geradezu revolutioniert hat. Mithilfe der von renommierten Designern gestalteten Motive kann ...

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Details Domestic-Wandtattoo-Babushkas-Dance

Mit der Vorstellung der Wandsticker-Kollektion in 2003 hat Domestic einen neuen Trend geschaffen, der den Bereich der dekorativen Wand- und Wohnraumgestaltung geradezu revolutioniert hat. Mithilfe der von renommierten Designern gestalteten Motive kann ...

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Details Green-Households-Domestic-Consumers-the-Environment-and-Sustainability

Green Households? This study of domestic consumption draws upon empirical research and looks at houses as consumer units in order to examine the entire household metabolism. It shows what would constitute sustainable domestic consumption and how far ...

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Details Miss-Beechers-Domestic-Receipt-Book-Designed-as-a-Supplement-to-Her-Treatise-on-Domestic-Economy

Lang:- English, Pages 349. Reprinted in 2015 with the help of original edition published long back[1850]. This book is in black & white, Hardcover, sewing binding for longer life with Matt laminated multi-Colour Dust Cover, Printed on high quality ...

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Details Rethinking-Domestic-Violence

Rethinking Domestic Violence reviews research in the area of intimate partner violence. The research crosses disciplinary lines, including social and clinical psychology, sociology, psychiatry, criminology, and criminal justice research. Since the ...

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Details Domestic-Goddess-in-Disguise-Retro-Becher-Krug

"Domestic Goddess in Disguise" Retro Mug Chunky 9.5cm / 4"highMUG featuring retro sixties babe strip art. Comes in presentation box.

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Details Domestic-ITALIA-Pizzateller-35-cm-wei

Pizzagenuss wie in Italien - mit der Porzellanserie Italia von Domestic. Sie verleiht durch ihr schlichtes, italienisches Design den Pizzatellern eleganten Stil. Das robuste Porzellan ist ideal für den Alltag geeignet und sowohl spülmaschinengeeignet ...

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Details Schrze-mit-Aufschrift-DOMESTIC-GODDESS-Damen

Domestic GoddessTolle Geschenkidee für die Dame in Ihrem Leben.Machen Sie besondere mit dieser tollen SchürzeAus hervorragender Baumwollqualität mit Hals und Taille BindungenAuch hat eine Tasche für die Speicherung von Bits und bobs.Rot

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Details Domestic-Disagreements-Music

Salentin&Scheffler CD,,Music for domestic disagreements'' Enter the musical comfort zone where slick solos and sophisticated harmonies meet urban beats with a twist. Enjoy 12 lounge style songs played by renown german trumpet virtuoso Hans Peter ...

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Details Transforming-Europe-Europeanization-and-Domestic-Change-Cornell-Studies-in-Political-Economy

Does the European Union change the domestic politics and institutions of its member states? Many studies of EU decisionmaking in Brussels pay little attention to the potential domestic impact of European integration. Transforming Europe traces the ...

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Details Domestic-TIM-Gieer-Milchknnchen-15-cl

Tim von Domestic ist die perfekte Porzellanserie für den Alltag. Das sehr robuste Porzellan eignet sich ideal für den alltäglichen Gebrauch. Schlichtes, aber trotzdem modernes Design findet in dieser Serie seine Kombination. Diese Serie lässt sich ...

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Details Doing-the-Dirty-Work-The-Global-Politics-of-Domestic-Labour

There has been a tendency amongst feminists to see domestic work as the great leveller, a common burden imposed on all women equally by patriarchy. This study of migrant domestic workers in the North uncovers some uncomfortable facts about the race ...